Buffets are a HUGELY popular choice within the catering industry – why we hear you ask?! It’s because they’re simple (we love that, of course!), easy and they provide your guests with a smorgasbord of food to wet the appetite of even the fussiest eater!

Whether you choose all-you-can-eat, drop-and-go or just your normal buffet, one thing is for sure and that’s that your guests will try to fill their tummy’s up ASAP! We know we would……

So what makes our buffets drop and go?

Well it’s pretty much exactly what it’s called. We literally drop the food and off we go! The traditional buffet would have a chef or front of house staff member serving from behind the buffet table. Instead, our drop and go buffets are staff-less!

You choose exactly what you would like for your buffet, let us know when and where you would like it, and it will be there waiting for when you’re ready. Drop and go style is perfect for your working-lunch buffet, celebration of life and birthday parties!

At these events, it is really important for you to focus on your guests and of course the yummy food. Not having staff serving can make your event a bit more in-formal, which can create the easy-going and relaxed vibe you’re going for.

We do of course offer fully staffed buffets, however this option is becoming increasingly popular and is budget friendly, win win!

The three C’s – Cutlery, Crockery, Compostable

Before you panic about your guests having sandwiches on their laps, don’t worry, we’ve got everything covered (Phew!)

Here at Mulberry, we’ve thought of it all. That includes supplying you with compostable vegware platters/boxes. We can fit almost anything in these handy boxes including Superfood Salads, sandwiches, ploughman’s platters and even sweet treats and desserts. So you won’t miss out on anything!

We even supply you with all the cutlery and crockery that you could need, which is also ALL compostable! We want to look after our planet and be as sustainable as possible which is why we provide you with compostable materials – no harm caused.

It’s then down to you to dispose of platter boxes, cutlery and leftovers (if there are any!). It’s as easy as that!

Take a look at our menu.

“Darlin’ you got to let me know
Should we stay or should we go?”