Weddings are a chance for exuberance and over indulgence. You may have planned a three course wedding breakfast with all the bells and whistles but, come nightfall, bellies begin to growl and stomachs need lining after copious glasses of fizz! 

We wanted our evening menu to reflect the fun and more laid back part of your wedding day. We opted for vegware street food style containers. All containers are compostable, keeping with our ethos of being as green as we possibly can. 

What’s on the menu?

The quintessentially English chip buttie is a fantastic option for evening food. Get some carbs down you! Fuelling for an evening of dancing ’til you can feel your feet no more. 

Fish finger sandwiches with chunky tartare sauce are also equally popular. Our kitchen team stay well after your wedding breakfast to make sure these are pumped out of the kitchen until everyone has had their fix! 

Going All Out

If you’re wanting something a little extra special, why not try our kebab station? Nothing like your regular donner! Our chefs make beautiful lamb koftas and serve on a board with pitta breads, falafels, hummus and tzatziki. A minted salad and sliced red onions are served alongside. This is a great way of catering to all dietaries as the options available are equally delicious for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. 

If you’re into more of an elegant affair, a whole side of salmon never goes amiss. Show stopping even on it’s own, we roast our salmon in dill then serve it alongside freshly made bagels and cream cheese. Comfort food but made classy! 

Crowd Pleasers

Your evening food needs to be crowd pleasing. It also needs to be something that your guests can easily pick up and eat with minimal mess incurring! The American’s seem to have this down to a tee so we’ve borrowed a few stateside staples and put our own twist on them! Chicken popcorn with our homemade BBQ salt and hash browns and hot dog sliders with mustard, ketchup and crispy onions are both perfect options for late night nosh.

Don’t forget, after you’ve cut the cake we can then get our chefs to portion some out. Placed onto boards, you can serve this the same time as your evening food.

Evening food is a great chance to keep the party going and set the tone for the rest of your wedding. There are so many delicious options and you can check them all out in our full menu here