Wedding Food trends; keep up with them, or, break them!

Wedding food trends are out there. So, our carefully curated menus keep an eye on what’s hot and keep one step ahead of what’s not… at the same time, that’s right, we’re that on it!

Here are the top 5 wedding food trends we’re whole heartedly backing!

Grab and Go!

Canapé hour (or two) has been establishing itself lately as one of the most fun aspects of your Big Day. And for good reason, you JUST GOT MARRIED!

This is the first time your friends and family will be swooping in to congratulate you, catching up with one another, and kicking their blood alcohol levels up a notch.

So, the wedding food served now needs to be simple, delicious and moreish! Who doesn’t love a glazed chorizo skewer? Well, maybe the veggies, but how about a pea and truffle bruschetta for them? Or crispy whitebait with tartare sauce? It’s easy to provide something yum for everyone.

Check out our sample menu for more grab and go winners!!

Elevated Classics

Recent years have seen some absolute classics recalled back onto wedding food menus. But this time, amid the foodie awakening of present day, they’re done better!!

So, alongside gastronomical experiments that look like they could be hung in the Tate, the humble, prawn cocktail, chicken in white sauce and cheesecake are firmly back in the mix. Before you reach for the wedding food eject button, check out these bang-up-to-date triumphant returns:

Prawn cocktail with smoked ‘Mary rose’, spiced avocado puree, crisp lettuce and grissini

Butter roasted chicken breast with pea tortellini, pea fricassee and truffle velouté

Baked New York cheesecake with Dulce de leche and chocolate popping candy

The 70’s called, and they’re begging for royalties… or at least a taste.

Sharing is Caring

Don’t worry, there’s plenty to go around! One wedding food trend flexing its guns and drawing a crowd – literally – is the sharing style course. Breaking bread together is traditional, fun, and gets the table talking.

Simple wedding food, done right!

Set the tone from the word go with a crowd pleasing spread of: Salami Milano, chorizo, prosciutto, taleggio, manchego, olives, sun-blushed tomatoes and warm ciabatta with olive oil and balsamic. An informal starter of epic proportions and flavour!

It’s well worth mentioning that sharing style courses look damn fine too. Picture this: sharing platters of BBQ pulled pork, smoked chilli jelly, Boston baked beans, coleslaw, potato salad and fresh bread.

Stick a fork in us, we’re done.

Instagram-able Plates

Speaking of looking damn fine, be prepared for wedding guests to whip their phones out for a sneaky snap of dinner. Amateur food photography: a social media controversy, but a great compliment to the chef!

Wedding food should look the part. After all, you’ve meticulously chosen your outfits, styled the tables, and primped the venue. So why eat basic beige food that undermines your efforts.

We’re all about sharp presentation. Cue stylish crockery, hardworking garnishes, and just the right drizzle of jus #nofilterneed

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Late Night Grazing

Evening wedding food is all about refuelling the party. Comfort food is key, and it’s the trend that ain’t quitting! We’ll just leave these ideas here to do the talking for us:

Chip butties with ketchup and malt vinegar

Hot dog slider with mustard, ketchup and crispy onions

Whole sides of dill roasted salmon, fresh baked bagels, cream cheese

Whatever your jam, late night snacks should be comforting, quick to serve, and easy to demolish before returning to the dancefloor.

And that’s it folks, love them or hate them, these trends are where there are because, like us, they’ve done the rounds, gathered the know how, and created a winning wedding food formula that makes too much sense to argue with!