Whole Table Desserts

Whole table desserts: sweet dreams are made of these, who are we to disagree?

Dessert, pud, afters, sweet, pudding, whatever you call it, it’s awesome. The best bit is that now you’re an adult, no one can stop you from having as much as you like. So, why have a slice when you can have the whole thing…

The only catch is that you do have to share it with say, eight or so others sitting around you – but, if you take the gauntlet and offer to slice and serve, then guess who’s getting the biggest slice.

Whole table desserts are the latest (and greatest) wedding food trend to wow guests and make a statement.

Good job we have some bang tidy options on the menu then. Let us introduce four mighty examples:

Lemon Tart

Glazed citrus deliciousness, this lemon beauty has bold flavour and zesty finesse, finished with a dollop of creme fraiche for extra indulgence. A sun-shiney yellow fellow you can count on to deliver a cracking exit to your wedding breakfast.

Eton Mess

The happiest of historical accidents, Eton Mess is an absolute champ. Now playing with your food may be frowned upon, but not with this dish. The entire point is to dig in and make the best of a messy situation. Whole table desserts are all about bringing some extra excitement to the end of your meal, pumping everyone up for speeches. This Eton Mess is absolutely the peoples choice for the job!

Apple and Raspberry Crumble

Classic and humble, find us someone who doesn’t like a crumble? It brings the ultimate family vibe to whole table desserts. Relaxed, rustic, reminiscent… and oh so tasty!! Warm whole table desserts add a cosy feel, perfect for cooler months. Crunchy and crumbly on top, fruity goodness hiding below. A bowl, spoon and lashings of custard, are all really you need.

Strawberry Roulade

Strawberries are the purest form of summer. A wonderful little red fruit. Combine them with sponge cake and cream then, roll them over, and you’ve got a truely amazing whole table dessert. If they’re good friends, or if they’ve had just the right amount of wine with dinner, then to be honest, your guests don’t even need a plate. They might just dive straight into the platter with their spoons – heathens. We don’t judge though.

Hands up who needs a dessert right now?